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Rep. Honda Introduces Legislative Package to Promote Public Safety in Week Two of 114th Congress

Jan 14, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC – Continuing his promotion of the modern progressive agenda, Congressman Mike Honda (D-Silicon Valley) today introduced three bills that will increase public safety and aid law enforcement by protecting Americans against the threat of gun violence.

“These bills are sensible, reasonable measures to limit the damage that can be inflicted by guns and those who mean harm with them,” Congressman Honda said. “We have seen too many people injured and killed by guns to just stand by and do nothing. These bills will modernize our gun laws to reflect how weapons are currently getting into the wrong hands.”

The three bills are part of Congressman Honda’s kick off of his 114th Congress legislative agenda.  Each of the first six weeks, he will be introducing legislation that addresses a key area of the modern progressive agenda. Last week, he introduced four bills on Manufacturing and Technology. In the coming weeks he will introduce legislation on Human Trafficking, STEM Education, Advanced Technology, and the Environment and Energy Infrastructure. 

On Wednesday, the Congressman introduced:

The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act – This bill allows law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively. The bill prohibits the purchase, sale, or possession of military-grade body armor by anyone except certain authorized users, such as first-responders and law enforcement.

The Homemade Firearms Accountability Act – This bill will require that guns that are self-assembled or manufactured at home be regulated the same as those that are purchased. It will require that all homemade guns have serial numbers, so if they are used in the commission of a crime, the police are able to trace the bullet back to the weapon.

The Home-Assembled Firearms Restriction Act – This bill will ban the sale and purchase of “incomplete lower receivers,” which are easily purchased and converted into functioning firearms. Banning these transactions would severely reduce the number of untraceable weapons on our streets.

“We need a common sense approach to reduce gun violence,” Congressman Honda said. “These bills can make our streets safer, and protect our citizens, police, and first responders. I will continue to fight for sensible public safety laws.”

The entire legislative package is supported by Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley, Newark Chief of Police James Leal, Stop Handgun Violence, The Coalition for Peace and Action, and The Violence Policy Center.

The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act is also supported by The Peace Officers Research Association and The California State Sheriff’s Association.

The Homemade Firearms Accountability Act is also supported by Third Way and The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and its California Chapters.

Supporting statements for this legislation from outside organizations include:

“Representative Honda’s bills would fill gaping holes in our nation’s gun laws that make it far too easy for mass shooters, gun traffickers, and common criminals to build homemade military-style firearms and acquire military-grade body armor.” Kristen Rand, Legislative Director, The Violence Policy Center

“I commend Congressman Honda on this important piece of legislation, The Responsible Body Armor Possession Act, and thank him for his long-standing leadership in keeping our communities safe and strong.  This law will serve to combat our nation’s epidemic of gun violence and protect communities and law enforcement from mass shootings.” Nancy O’Malley, District Attorney, Alameda County

“Third Way is proud to support Representative Honda’s common sense Homemade Firearms Accountability Act. The bill takes aim at the dangerously untraceable ‘ghost guns,’ built without serial numbers and sold on the black market, and ensures that people who are prohibited from purchasing guns can’t skirt the law by just building them instead.” Sarah Trumble, Policy Counsel, Third Way

“3D printed guns remain unregulated and law enforcement deems them a threat. We applaud Rep. Honda for introducing legislation to regulate 3D printed guns to protect our kids and communities.” Brian Malte, Senior National Policy Director, The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. 

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